Specialisation Track in Non-Western Politics

Our undergraduate students have many opportunities to look in depth at political systems in the Global South, engage with postcolonial theory, and go beyond the traditional Western-centric modes in which politics is often studied. 

Starting from the 2021-22 academic year, GloPolDev will be creating a ‘track’ for those students who make a particular study of politics outside the West. Those students will be part of our GloPolDev community, we will run events together for and with them, and upon completion of their degree the Centre will award them a ‘Recognition of Specialisation’ in Non-Western Politics to acknowledge their achievement. 

We will email all students at several points during the year with details of how to apply to be on the track. In order for students to qualify for the award, they must fulfil the following conditions:

  • In their second year, pass PR2460: Politics Outside the West

  • In their third year, 

    • EITHER, at least 45 credits-worth of non-Western politics electives (from the official list, on this website);

    • OR, 30 credits-worth of non-Western politics electives in their third year and a dissertation with a focus on non-Western countries.


If joint honours students are studying non-PIR courses which they think should be included, they should contact us to ask.