Zhamilya Mukasheva: The role of welfare spending in mitigating risk of civil conflict

Zhamilya is a PhD student in Public Policy and her doctoral dissertation focuses on the factors affecting higher education spending decisions in OECD countries. She is also interested in studying political violence and conflict mitigation in developing countries.

This project expands on findings of several recent studies (Justino and Martorano 2018, Singh, Bodea, and Higashijima 2014, Taydas and Peksen 2012) which report that in countries with higher welfare spending, the risk of civil conflict is lower. Using statistical analysis, Zhamilya investigates the potential causal mechanisms behind this link, in particular, the effect of welfare spending as reducing conflict-causing grievances and the effect of welfare spending as increasing the ability of the government to credibly commit in negotiations with would-be rebels.

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