AAME Lunchtime seminar series: Affordances of Social Media in Collective Action: the case of Free Lu

This study focuses on the socialised affordances of social media in the processes of collective action, exploring the role of technology in the under‐researched area of civil society in China. We examine the case of Free Lunch for Children (FL4C), a charitable programme based on the microblogging platform, Weibo. Adopting the perspective of affordances‐for‐practice, we draw upon the collective action model to better understand the socio-material practices and social processes involving social media, and seek to address the ‘when’ and ‘how’ questions of affordances. The study generates theoretical and practical implications for understanding the role of social media in social transformation..

Dr Yingqin Zheng, Senior Lecturer, School of Management, Royal Holloway

3 October 2018, 12 pm - 1.30pm

Founder’s Building FW101, Royal Holloway, Egham

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