Emmanuel Siaw Kwaku: Agency, Structure and Dependency in African foreign policy

Emmanuel's doctoral research explores the extent of agency Africa enjoys in its foreign policy-making in the post-cold war era.

He concentrates on west Africa, and Ghana is his cardinal case. He compare Nkrumah’s post-independence era and the fourth republic; unravelling the social, political, economic contexts and variables that can explain the respective foreign policy orientations. The intention is to contribute to the broader debate on African agency whilst examining the dynamics of Ghana's foreign policy between the two epochs.

Emmanuel holds a first degree in Political Science with Information Studies and an MPhil in Political Science, both from the University of Ghana. Prior to joining Royal Holloway, he served as a Teaching Assistant at the Political Science Department, University of Ghana. His teaching/research areas covered Electoral Politics and Democracy in Ghana, Politics of Identity in Ghana, Ghana’s Foreign Policy and Political Economy of Africa’s Development. In addition, he has worked with several governance think tanks in Ghana, including the Centre for Democratic Development and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, as field research officer.

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