Kuziwa Zigomo: Citizen and Subject in an Age of Migration and Digital Media: The Case of Zimbabwe

Kuziwa Zigomo

In looking at the broader themes of development, democracy and digital media in postcolonial African states, Kuziwa's study will look specifically at the fast-paced growth of mobile smart phone usage in Zimbabwe to access social media and enhance citizen engagement. Her research aims to analyse Mamdani’s bifurcated state model which suggests that we live in a binary world consisting of ‘citizens’ and ‘subjects’, and particularly how this, may or may not apply to the case of Zimbabwe. The broad objectives of her study are therefore to examine the following areas:

  • the intersection of the rural with the urban

  • the re-conceptualization and negotiation (or reinvention) of citizenship, belonging and identity in changing political environments

  • the impact of social media in deepening and enhancing citizen engagement.

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