Dr Ibrahim Halawi: Towards a Theoretical Understanding of the Relationship between Revolution and Co

Ibrahim completed his PhD in 2018.

Ibrahim's research stems from the claim that theories of revolution have largely undermined the role of counter-revolution in revolutionary processes. For instance, the recent popular uprisings in the Arab World reveal how little we know about the concept of counter-revolution – as a theory – and how it empirically manifests itself in discursive coercive and disciplinary practices. Based on that, his thesis seeks to answer questions on how contentious politics in the local, regional, and international arena reorganises and repositions interest groups vis-à-vis the state in a historical process, and how this in turn shapes revolutionary and counter-revolutionary dialectics. Taking the case of Egypt, an extensive fieldwork in several areas of everyday life and among different groups and domains – women, labour, NGOs, media, etc. – is conducted to reflect on the relationship between revolution and counter-revolution.

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