Dr Will Jones, AAME


Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Royal Holloway and Co-Director of GloPolDev


Most of Will's work relates to the contemporary politics of Central Africa, particularly Rwanda, how diasporas mobilise against authoritarian regimes, and authoritarianism and state-building more broadly.


He has just finished a three-year project entitled The Nation Outside The State: Transnational Exile In The African State System, generously funded by the Leverhulme Trust.


This project culminated in a book, co-authored with Alexander Betts, entitled Mobilising The Diaspora: How Refugees Challenge Authoritarianism, published by Cambridge University Press.


During that period, he was Junior Research Fellow in the Social Sciences at Balliol College.


He is also the co-founder of an organisation, Refugees' Say, dedicated to reforming refugee resettlement to empower both refugees and the communities that host them.

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