Dr Mohammadreza Kalantari, AAME


Lecturer in Quantitative Methods at Royal Holloway and Co-Director of GloPolDev


Cassilde's long-term research agenda attempts to understand the ways in which citizens in developing countries take political and economic decisions into their own hands and circumvent formal institutions.  


Her areas of expertise are Quantitative/ Experimental Methods, Comparative Politics (Latin American and the Caribbean) and Political Behaviour.


Her research has been funded by the US National Science Foundation, the Leverhulme Trust, the British Academy and CAF Development Bank of Latin America.


Her main substantive interests include political protests, migration and informal institutions.


She is also interested in political methodology, particularly experimental and quasi-experimental methods, and much of her work is based on rigorous, tailor-made research designs that combine experimental, statistical and computational methods with extensive fieldwork. This mixed-methods approach allows her to causally identify individual-level decisions as they are impacted by a realistic social context. 

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